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"You can’t cure me Sammy." Dean spat as he yanked his head away from his brothers grip. 

"I. Will. Cure. You. Dean. If I don’t cure you then I will have to kill you!" Sam snapped as he put down the seventh empty needle of his own blood. 

"You’re pathetic Sammy!" Dean snorted. But this time, he almost felt bad at the way he as speaking to his little brother.

He didn’t make many comments throughout the eighth hour, he just sat and glared, trying to wriggle out of the ropes that bound him. As Sam was filling the 8th needle with more of his blood, Dean didn’t want to struggle anymore. He even lifts his neck back and let’s Sam give him the eighth and final dose.

"Exorcizamus te, omnis immundus spiritus. Hanc animam redintegra, lustra! Lustra!" Sam recites as he cuts his palm and covers Dean’s mouth roughly with it. 

Dean felt it inside him, he felt his soul stop fighting, but it was only temporary and he knew it. He couldn’t be cured, there was just no way.

"Sammy?" Dean whispered as he knew what he was going to ask next was going to be difficult for his little brother to hear. "Sammy, you need to kill me."

Sam, stared in shock. This was Dean. He knew it from the moment that Dean uttered his name. He was telling Sam to kill him though.

"Dean…what do you mean?"

"Sammy, you need to give me the blade and let me kill myself. I’m fighting against the feeling to kill you and just leave you on the floor. I’m fighting it Sammy! But that means…I’m not cured…you can’t cure me. Just give me the blade. Please!"

"No! Dean, we’ll fix this I mean, you’re already human…just fight those feelings! I know you can." Sam begged.

Dean knew Sam would never give him the blade. He stretched out his right arm and summoned the blade with his Mark. He felt the blade land in his palm and he knew he only had seconds before he was overtaken by the feeling to get himself out of there.

"I’m proud of you Sammy." Dean whispered before plunging the blade into his stomach. 

Dean only caught a glimpse of Sam’s tear-streaked face as everything turned black and disappeared from his site. For the last time.